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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Fave Youtubers!!!

Youtube has swept the world, and I love it! I log onto youtube everyday to see if my favorite youtubers have posted a video. I am subscribed to several channels, but a few stand out of the crowd! Drum roll please.......... HERE are my FAVORITE youtubers!!!!!
My favorite Beauty Guru is.... BentleyBlonde! She is spunky and her personality shines in every video and she is BEAUTIFUL! She gives great beauty advise. I have found all of her videos to be helpful! She is awesome! 
Subscribe to her channel!!! BentleyBlonde

My favorite non- beauty related youtuber is..... SMILETONE!!! Smiletone's videos are so funny! He is a firecracker! I believe he has the BEST videos on youtube! He is funny, genuine, and real! Check out his channel, you will love him!!!!
Smiletone Romain

Last but not least, my first youtube subscription, and no it was not Elle or Blair, it was... Kalel Cullen aka QueenBeeuty. I love her videos as well. She has three channels on youtube. I first subscribed to her beauty channel which is filled with hauls, tutorials and reviews. On her vlog channel, she discusses various topics and truthfully gives her opinion. Lastly, her newest channel is all about her and her new kitten, Kabuki! She has changed a lot from her earlier videos and she has gotten a lot of heat from it. However, I still love her videos! Check out all 3 of her amazing channels!!!!

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